Audio Video Forensics Ltd. are a renowned forensic company involved in the improvement of audio video and still image evidence.

For the last 15 years we have provided an efficient forensic service to Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Clients and Private Legal Companies. Our work has been crucial in many high profile serious criminal cases throughout the UK, Ireland and Iraq. We have dealt with audio and video evidence from mobile phones to multiplex video tapes in highly complex and high profile cases such as the Rhys Jones murder enquiry, the trial of Levi Bellfield, the death of the ITN journalist Terry Lloyd, the Baha Mousa enquiry (Iraq) and the Daily Mirror Iraq fake photo enquiry.


  • Stills from video
  • Video Enhancement / Speed adjustment
  • Audio & Video enhancement
  • Speed adjustment & noise removal
  • Audio Video Authentication for signs of editing / tampering
  • Audio Transcription (printed & /or Subtitled Video)
  • Audio & Video Analysis.
  • Damaged Audio & Video Cassette Tape Restoration
  • Damaged tape repair (Audio /Micro / DAT / Video)
  • Improvement of Audio Intelligibility
  • Phone Message Analysis & Transcription
  • Intelligibility Enhancement and Transcription
  • Height estimations and vehicle/ clothing /object comparisons

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