After working within the field of Forensic Audio for nine years Audio Video Forensics Ltd. was founded in 2003 in response to a growing demand for both forensic visual and audio services within Law Enforcement and Private legal Companies.

The company's director had a foundation of working with audio and video for many years both in recording studios and the Film Industry within the Research and Development department of renowned Pro-Audio manufacturer AMS -Neve, developing audio mixing desk technology for the film industry. As Lead Software Test Engineer on their flagship product the DFC Digital Film Console (Over 70% of the world's blockbuster films are mixed on D.F.C.). In 1999 whilst working there, the company /R&D Dept. was awarded a Scientific and Technical Award (An Oscar) by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the D.F.C.

We have extensive experience in assisting the investigation of serious crime including murder, pedophilia, arson, robbery, fraud, military crimes, rape, GBH, aggravated burglary etc. We have conducted many crime reconstructions from on-site height estimations to video preparation for BBC Crimewatch.

We have dealt with audio and video evidence from mobile phones to multiplex video tapes in highly complex and high profile cases such as the Rhys Jones murder enquiry, the trial of Levi Bellfield, the death of the ITN journalist Terry Lloyd, the Baha Mousa enquiry (Iraq) and the Daily Mirror Iraq fake photo enquiry.

Who We’ve worked for;

Avon & Somerset Police
Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Police
British Transport Police
Cheshire Police
Derbyshire Constabulary
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
Hertfordshire Police
HM Revenue & Customs
Hungarian Secret Service
Kent County Constabulary
Metropolitan Police Service
North Wales Northumbria Police
PPS (Belfast)
GARDA (Eire)
Romanian Police Force
South Wales
Strathclyde Police
Suffolk Police
UNIIC (United Nations Independent Investigation Committee)
West Mercia Constabulary
West Midlands
West Yorkshire